a Smashing good time

I actually got to Smash today!  I've had my Smash album by K and Company for a few weeks now and I've been dying to get my Smash on :)

I will be posting pics all week of my pages so get ready...

I got mine at scrapbook.com.  They come in several different colors and themes so it will be hard to pick just one ;)

I was overwhelmed when I first opened my album because of all the prompts and pre-designed pages, but once I got over myself I starting whipping them out.  The whole point of a Smash album is to just go with the flow, use what you've got, and Smash it down...do what you want to do.  There doesn't have to be any rhyme or reason.  This is like scrapbooking old school style...

It's super easy and relatively cheap (about $12.99 for the album) so get Smashing!

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