splendid sustenance

The Weekly Challenge over at SC was all about food this week and here's my take...

I had my first official paint disaster while making this layout :0)  I reached for my Mister Huey's Classic White to spritz on my page and started shaking it up when it went EVERYWHERE!!!  I guess I had already loosened the cap previously and forgot all about it.  Most of it went on my phone (gasp!) and the layout itself, while the rest of it ended up on me, my rug, and my brand new Cheeky Lime camera bag.  I dashed off to get some paper towels and wet wipes and got most of the mess cleaned up.  My phone survived thanks to my screen protector I had on it, my page wasn't ruined too badly (as you can tell from above), and my camera bag wiped off clean with some wet wipes.  I did, however, manage to stain my craft room rug and my brand new pair of pants I was wearing :(  Oh, well...I guess it could have been much worse.

The typed recipe on the yellow baggie was made by finding a picture of an old-fashioned recipe online, saving it to my computer, and then printing it off on the baggie.  I really want to find an old vintage typewriter to make this process easier...I'm loving the vintage type everyone's been using lately!



colorful cones

I love Studio Calico's March Kit, Story Hour, because it has a lot of masculine themed papers and embellishments.  Sometimes I find it harder to scrap pages for my boys because it is so much easier for me to use girlier products.  This layout of my youngest son is one of my favorites...I really love the pop of color that the red, white, and blue background paper gives this page!

TFL!  Happy Thursday!


so sweet

I used a lot of older product for this page because when I went digging through my stash I found this great pink/white chevron patterned paper.  I just couldn't resist using it for this ice cream cone eatin' photo!  The crochet heart, numbered ribbon, and floral yo-yo are all new products, though!  It was fun digging through my stash and finding some great old (but still new!) paper.  I'm hoping to use some of it up this month through some great new classes that I've signed up for.  

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  TFL ;)


Project Life Week 2

Originally, I wasn't going to number my weeks for Project Life since I began this project in mid-March, but for posting purposes it makes sense.  So this is Week 2, unofficially :)

As you can tell, it was another crazy week!  I feel like I've been living at the doctors' office!  It's only been two weeks in, but I must say that I'm really loving this Project Life thing.  My method has gotten more efficient and if I pre-plan a little over the weekend I only spend a few minutes (yes, minutes!) a day journaling and printing off pictures.  I highly recommend this type of scrapbooking...it's fast, efficient, and you get soooooo many great memories recorded.  I've also found that if you Google or get on Pinterest, you can find tons of free downloads and printables for Project Life, so it's also very affordable :)

Happy Tuesday!


"My first layout"

Happy Monday everyone!

Here's my take on this week's Sunday Sketch...

As you can see, I stuck pretty close to the original sketch.  I used an Instax pic of Avery creating her very first layout that I've had lying around for a few months.  I felt this sketch was the perfect opportunity to use it!  Can you tell that I'm obsessed with that gold/white striped washi tape?  I've been using it on EVERYTHING lately...love it...TFL!


Hello spring!

I couldn't wait to use this picture in a spring-inspired layout...

That strip of pink glitter was an oops I made by putting too much adhesive on 
the top of the green scalloped strip.  I think it turned out perfect!

I used Studio Calico's March kit +Add-On's for this layout.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! 


Project Life

I'm not going to say that I'm behind in my Project Life album...I just recently discovered this great project and got my supplies.  Most people start Project Life at the beginning of the year, but I decided there's NO way I'm waiting till 2013 to start this!  Here's my first week's layout...

It took me quite awhile to get used to this new "format" of documenting and scrapbooking, but I think I got the hang of it :)  The great thing about Project Life is that it's whatever YOU want it to be.  You can get crazy with product and embellishments or you can just use a few pictures and journaling to get the job done.  There are even non-scrapbookers who've jumped on this great idea.  It's just about documenting your life, big things and small things, in a quick and easy way.  For more info on Project Life, go to www.beckyhiggins.com.

These are some journaling cards I made for my Project Life album 
super quick using some washi tape and some stamps.

Happy Wednesday!  


too early?

I wanted to share a few pictures I took with my new camera...yep, I finally got one!  I haven't had very much time to play with it yet, but I did take a little walk around our yard over the weekend to try it out.  Now I'm a big fan of post processing my pics, but these have not been processed in ANY way.  They came straight off of my memory card onto my computer so I'm super impressed with the little amount I know it can do.  I think I've found a new hobby :)

The weather continues to be amazing in our neck of the woods.  I still feel like it's too early for this, but around here we have to take what we can get because it can change so quickly!  I hope you had a great weekend!


three of a kind

It's been quite a week...funny how having the hubs around on sick leave changes the dynamic of EVERYTHING!  This week hasn't been very productive, I've had to sleep on the couch every night because of the horrible snoring (doctor says this will go away soon...it better or I might not make it!), and the kids have been extra hyped up because daddy's been home.  

Anyway, I barely got a chance to do a Sunday Sketch this week, but I squeezed it in...

I took the sketch and turned it upside down.  I used a really big photo (which I rarely do) as the focal point.  All the products I used are from Studio Calico's March Kit, Story Hour.  Just a little FIY on this photo - the kids are actually standing behind a dead coyote that my husband had shot during his "coyote season".  I just cropped it out because I loved their facial expressions so much in this picture!  Yeah, welcome to my world...lol!


my happy book

I just finished my Happy Little Moments book that I made via this class by Maggie Holmes.  I got to use lots of paint, punches, sewing techniques for this project, which I love!  This book is all about those happy, little, everyday moments that I want to remember...

Confetti is HUGE is scrapbooking right now...
 this was my first attempt at using it on one of my projects :)

I made about five more pages with my book and it turned out super chunky, which I love!  

Thanks for taking a look :)


washi tape DIY

What seems like forever ago...before Thanksgiving anyway...I started updating my youngest son's room (new paint, big boy furniture, new window treatments, new storage solutions, etc).  I've been wanting to post a complete overview of the project, but it seems I am STILL waiting on certain pieces to come together.  The items that I ordered on sale have been on backorder since January and I'm still trying to come up with a few decor pieces that really fit his personality.  Hopefully, (fingers crossed!) I can get his room done by the end of spring....hopefully...

I couldn't resist posting this little diy decor project that I whipped up for his room yesterday...

All I did was take a cheap frame, some washi tape (both from Target), a chipboard letter, and a brad an in about 10 minutes made a cute little decor object for his room.

 First, I took the washi tape and layered each strip over a piece of white cardstock measuring 5x7 to fit the inside of the matted frame.  Next, I misted my chipboard letter with some Mister Huey's Classic Calico, let it dry, and then attached the orange "hello" brad using a big Glue Dot.  Finally, I adhered the "J" to the washi tape background, removed the glass from the frame, and then assembled the frame back together.  I think it turned out great and it only took me about 10 minutes to complete!  That's my kind of diy project ;)  Enjoy!

Happy Wednesday!


12 on Twelve

Yesterday, I joined in on Elizabeth Kartchner's photo challenge, 12 on Twelve, The Daily Dozen on March 12th.  For all the details, check out my previous post :)

Here's a roundup of my Daily Dozen...

1.  My hubby waiting patiently (and nervously!) to get his tonsils removed.
2.  Paying bills...enough said.
3.  I broke out my favorite pair of sandals for the first time this year :)  The temperature topped out at a balmy 74 degrees today!
4.  Avery playing with her makeup while we had our daily spot of tea.
5.  Garrison's prize for winning a drawing at school.
6.  An after-school snack of fresh strawberries and blueberries...yum!
7.  Avery can't go one day without getting a ride on bubba's four wheeler.
8.  Daddy's diet for the next few days.  And probably the kids', too ;)
9.  My hubby trying to take it easy on this warm, beautiful day.  He really, really, really wanted to run around with the kids :)
10.  Getting the mail.
11.  Jubal taking a break from his bike ride to eat a popsicle.
12.  Avery saying "night, night" to the camera.

All in all, it was a "normal" day...minus the tonsillectomy at a very early hour.  I used my iPhone and Instagram for all of these photos and I tried a few different angles for some of them (#1, 2, 6, and 12).
I really enjoy looking back at this little collage and remembering the very ordinary things that happen, the things that I often overlook and forget.  The older my kids get, the more I want to remember :)  I don't want to miss a thing...

On a side note, the hubby is doing fantastically well after his minor surgery of the throat.  He came home ready to eat and even made a business call on the way home from the hospital.  I don't remember being that energetic when I had my tonsils removed.  I just remember a lot of pain.  I told him he better slow down and take it easy today so he doesn't do any other damage.  With the weather being this lovely, it'll be hard to keep this farmer down!

Happy Tuesday!


brand new truck

The weekly challenge over at SC was about using tone-on-tone color for a layout.  Here's my take...

For my tone-on-tone effect, I popped a few cream dots off of my background with some Glue Dots.  I also hand-doodled on my page which I don't think I've EVER done before...that's me this year, trying all sorts of new things ;)

Happy Weekend Everyone!


photo challenge

I was having some trouble posting yesterday and amidst all the updating, cleaning out my cookies, and charging my computer I forgot to post this photo challenge that I will be participating in on Monday.  I hope you join me! 

All you have to do is take 12 pictures on Monday, March 12th.  They can be of anything!  Just start clicking!  The other (optional) part of the challenge is to take a photograph in a new way, like from a different angle or height or using your self-timer, just do something new in your picture taking process :)  This challenge is to help share a glimpse of your life, whether it's a "normal ol' day" or something fantastic that is going on, you'll be glad you joined in!  Then on Tuesday, March 13th, post your pictures on a blog/facebook and then link them to Dear Lizzy and to here, then you will add a link to your photos.  It'll be fun to see what everyone has to share!  Hope you join in! 

Happy Friday!  

personal assistant

This week's flying by...I can't believe this is my 100th post!  Whoo Hoo!!  

Here's my take on this week's Sunday Sketch over at Studio Calico...

I used SC's new March Kit, Story Hour +Add-On's, for this layout.
I took the sketch (see bottom) and rotated it to the right.




I signed up for FIVE, the Self-Paced Album class from Ali Edwards last week.  It was a completely different approach to making a mini album than I'm used to and I loved it!  This class helped me "let go" of my imperfections, focus on my photos, and I learned some new techniques, too :)


If you're interested, you should definitely check out Ali's website.  She has a more minimal approach to scrapbooking and has some amazing ideas and lots of great inspiration.  

Happy Wednesday!