splendid sustenance

The Weekly Challenge over at SC was all about food this week and here's my take...

I had my first official paint disaster while making this layout :0)  I reached for my Mister Huey's Classic White to spritz on my page and started shaking it up when it went EVERYWHERE!!!  I guess I had already loosened the cap previously and forgot all about it.  Most of it went on my phone (gasp!) and the layout itself, while the rest of it ended up on me, my rug, and my brand new Cheeky Lime camera bag.  I dashed off to get some paper towels and wet wipes and got most of the mess cleaned up.  My phone survived thanks to my screen protector I had on it, my page wasn't ruined too badly (as you can tell from above), and my camera bag wiped off clean with some wet wipes.  I did, however, manage to stain my craft room rug and my brand new pair of pants I was wearing :(  Oh, well...I guess it could have been much worse.

The typed recipe on the yellow baggie was made by finding a picture of an old-fashioned recipe online, saving it to my computer, and then printing it off on the baggie.  I really want to find an old vintage typewriter to make this process easier...I'm loving the vintage type everyone's been using lately!


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