cash in a jar

I've been wanting, thinking, sort of needing, and dreaming of getting a new camera for a while now.  I have a point and shoot Canon Powershot that is right at seven years old and my iPhone (which actually takes waaaaaaay better pictures than my actual camera!) that I use for all my photo taking needs right now.  I finally decided this past week that I'm going to get a new camera and I'm going to save up for it....like cash in a jar save up for it.  Since I'm going to make the jump to a DSLR, I feel very guilty just dropping that amount of money on something just for me.  Maybe this has something to do with the whole stay@home mom/mother of three/brother needs orthodontic work done/automatic feelings of guilt when I buy something big for myself sort of thing that I'm sure we can all relate to :)  So I grabbed a jar, dressed it up, and set it in my craft room for motivation...I even had $50 to put in it for some invitations I recently made and sold!

 I really wanted to dress up a mason jar, but this was all I could find in my cabinets.

 It seemed fitting to put a fake photo of a camera on the front :0)

 I spray painted the lid with chalkboard paint so I could keep a running
total of the contents on the lid with some pink chalk.

I used leftover bits and pieces from my scrap table, most are from 
the new Dear Lizzy collection from American Crafts.

I'm hoping I'll have quite a bit more to add by the end of this week!  

Happy Saturday!

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