Project Life Week 2

Originally, I wasn't going to number my weeks for Project Life since I began this project in mid-March, but for posting purposes it makes sense.  So this is Week 2, unofficially :)

As you can tell, it was another crazy week!  I feel like I've been living at the doctors' office!  It's only been two weeks in, but I must say that I'm really loving this Project Life thing.  My method has gotten more efficient and if I pre-plan a little over the weekend I only spend a few minutes (yes, minutes!) a day journaling and printing off pictures.  I highly recommend this type of scrapbooking...it's fast, efficient, and you get soooooo many great memories recorded.  I've also found that if you Google or get on Pinterest, you can find tons of free downloads and printables for Project Life, so it's also very affordable :)

Happy Tuesday!

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