keepsake diy

Happy Friday to everyone!

Here's a quick post about a super simple keepsake DIY that anyone with children can appreciate :)

Each of my three children has their own silver baby spoon that they either received from the hospital they were born at or received as a gift when they were born.  Each one is special and unique, just like my kids.  For a long time the spoons were in each of their rooms hidden away in drawers in the boxes they came in until I decided to use a shadowbox frame to display them all together in one place.

The only materials I used were the frame (you can find a shadowbox frame almost anywhere), a piece of 8x8 inch patterned paper for the background, some scraps of ribbon, and some wire.  I literally used the wire from a few leftover pieces of wired ribbon, I just slid the thin wire right out and it worked perfectly to secure the spoons to the patterned paper.  I tied a larger piece of ribbon to the back of the frame so I could hang it from a hook on the wall in my dining room for all to see and enjoy.  I lined the spoons up by birth order of my children and gave each one a gender-specific color of ribbon.  I told you this was super easy!

I hope this inspires you to come up with your own keepsake diy for yourself, your children, or a close friend or family member.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. So cute - can't wait to hang out in DQ this weekend and create stuff! See you in a few hours.