12 on 12...Better Late Then Never

Happy Sunday, friends!  

I did take photos on 12.12.12....I just haven't had a spare moment to upload, edit, and post them!  Last week was all about school holiday events, Christmas shopping, and getting over my horrible head and chest cold.  

Here's my Daily Dozen for December...

Fixing Avery's hair in the morning....she usually has it pulled down within 20 minutes of completion! 

Driving Avery to school.

Waiting outside of the school with her before they open the door.

At 12:12 I was getting ready to go on a run.

 Garrison working on his homework after school.

I received my first Christmas card today! 

Avery fell asleep while looking at her favorite books in her room before supper.

 Soup for supper.

Garrison and Jubal enjoying a little TV time before bed.

 Daddy and Avery snuggling before bed in front of the TV upstairs.

 Brush, brush, brush your teeth!

Goodnight kisses from Daddy :)

Just another normal day, despite the abnormal date :)  I converted my photos to black and white just to mix it up a bit....How did you mark/document 12.12.12?


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