half way in

Well, it's June 1st...the year is already HALF over...what?!?!  Wow.

I was laying awake in bed last night thinking about the new year resolutions I made back in January and I wanted to review them.  I wanted to see if I've made any progress with them.  I wanted to see which one's I've accomplished and which ones I still have six months to work on.  You can check out my January  resolution post here.

Here are my 2012 resolutions:

1.  Finish my projects from last year before starting new ones ;)
2.  Make time for more date nights with my hubby...at least once every couple of months, anyway!
3.  Travel a little more...far or near, just getting away a little more often.
4.  Use more of what I have on hand and upcycle more items from around the house...I'm sure Pinterest will be able to help me accomplish this one!
5.  Try some new recipes and cook a little more...this might be my hardest resolution :0)
6.  Learn to sew again...yes, again!
7.  Buy a new camera...I can't wait to accomplish this one!
8.  Stop being so hard on myself for not getting everything accomplished.
9.  Save more and spend less.
10.  Get more blog followers ;)

So far I've accomplished #1, #4, #6, #7, #8, #9, and #10...not too shabby :)  And I've sort of started on #3 recently.

I'm definitely going to work on the other three and I have six whole months to do it!  

Did you make any resolutions back in January?  If so, how are they coming along?  It's not even too late to make some new ones half way in :)

Happy Friday!  TFL!

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  1. Great resolutions, Adrianne and kudos for accomplishing so many! I'm with you on #5. Pinterest can help with that one too! :)