These are just a few pictures from 2011 that highlighted the year for my family...

2011 was a decent year, not exactly ending on the best note, but that's why I'm so excited for 2012.  A fresh start is what we need and a fresh start is what we're gonna get!  BTW, fresh is my word for this year (more on that later :) so you'll be hearing it quite often.

Here are my 2012 resolutions:
1.  Finish my projects from last year before starting new ones ;)
2.  Make time for more date nights with my hubby...at least once every couple of months, anyway!
3.  Travel a little more...far or near, just getting away a little more often.
4.  Use more of what I have on hand and upcycle more items from around the house...I'm sure Pinterest will be able to help me accomplish this one!
5.  Try some new recipes and cook a little more...this might be my hardest resolution :0)
6.  Learn to sew again...yes, again!
7.  Buy a new camera...I can't wait to accomplish this one!
8.  Stop being so hard on myself for not getting everything accomplished.
9.  Save more and spend less.
10.  Get more blog followers ;)

Sounds like a lot I know, but I have all year so I'm not worried :)  I'd love to hear what some of your resolutions are, so leave me a comment!

2012 here we go!

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