favorite room in the house

When I started scrapbooking a little over six years ago, I claimed a small corner in our spare bedroom of our basement where I had a small folding table and chairs and one small set of drawers that a dear friend had given me as a gift.  The rest of the room was used as storage because we were in the process of finishing our basement.  After we finished the basement, we moved our computer and "home office" supplies down there as well because it made sense for all of these things to be together.  As my passion (and supplies!) grew over the next few years I purchased a set of cube drawers/cubbies and a few shelves to hold my growing stash.  I added a rug and a few home decor pieces and voila...I had a pretty decent craft room!  Of course that was over three years ago and I hadn't really done anything since then (as far as organizing and purging go) so last week I spent 4 days cleaning out every inch of my craft room...it was soooooooo overdue!

I didn't get a chance to snap a "before" picture, so mentally just think of a bunch of paper, supplies, projects, containers, brown boxes, and adhesive EVERYWHERE!

Here's the "after"...
ahhhh, much better!

 I found this shelf to store all my scrapbook and crafting magazines at www.scrapbook.com.  It's a great size and I love the wire drawers that pull out...they hold a TON of mags :)

 Here's a shot of one of my favorite organizational products that I've purchased over the years...my Clip-It-UP!  I got this at Archiver's with a coupon so I scored it for less than retail.  It's handy because it allows me to see all my embellishments and I don't have to rummage around piles trying to find stuff.  It's also really lightweight and easy to move around if needed.

The only thing I bought for my craft room re-do were two canvas bins from Target.  I'm using one to store all of my chipboard letters that are loose and come in bulkier packaging.

 I found this shelf at Michael's and it holds lots of tiny embellishments, ribbons scraps, and my paint.  The clear glass jars with black lids are some old spice containers I up-cycled :)

I used to have my Big Shot on my table and it took up a lot of space, but since I reorganized, I found a new home for it...right under my Cricut.  Now all my die cutting supplies are in one place!

These cheap shelves came from Wal-Mart and hold a TON of stuff!  I moved all of my finished albums over here and I have all of my sewing supplies stored here as well.  The white boxes (from Wal-Mart) hold all of my letter stickers, Thickers, sticker sheets, and chipboard shapes.

 This cube shelf is just like what's under my craft table...the manufacturer sent us an extra one at no cost because one had been damaged...I found these at www.target.com.  I store all of my stamps, punches, adhesive, ribbon, card making supplies, and anything else that needs a hidden home in them.

 Inside of cube shelves

Computer desk, filing cabinet, and printer locale

A little wide angle action for ya!

I hope you enjoyed this little "tour" of my favorite room in our house.  It's come a long way over the past few years and we ALL spend a lot of time in here.  It's my happy place, my retreat...it's MY room, LOL!
If you have any questions about organizational tips, products, or anything at all, feel free to leave me a comment and I'd be happy to help :)

Happy Thursday to everyone...can't wait for Grey's tonight!

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  1. it would be my favorite room also....always wanted to have a "special" room like that. I will have Melissa bring me back for another class