through the lens - Sunday

I've been estranged from my DSLR recently, so I decided a fishing trip with the hubs and the kiddos would be a perfect time to get to know each other again.

Here's a few of my favorite pics from yesterday...

 Our froggy friend

 Jubal's truck

Love these colors!

 The "dino egg" we found...only it was just a perfectly round
 rock that the kids rolled down the hill all afternoon.

He's always digging something up.

 It was pure luck that I caught this pose :)

 Sissy's "fuf-fly"

 We didn't have a lot of luck fishing yesterday.

He may be holding it, but I caught it!!!  This was definitely 
the biggest fish I've ever caught and then I caught another one!

Hope you had a great weekend!  Happy Monday!


  1. Great pictures, I love the 'dino' egg and such a beautiful flower. x

  2. Thanks, Caroline! I love taking nature pics :)