Project Life - Week 14

Here's my Project Life spread for the week of June 11th - 17th...

Still doing lots of photos vs. journaling.  There just hasn't been enough time for any more.  The Phonto app on my iPhone has helped fill that gap a bit.

From left to right:
Garrison celebrated his 10th birthday on Monday.
Avery got a new baby doll from Wal-Mart.
Jubal locked himself out of his work truck and I had to come rescue him from the field.
My new favorite drink (Daily's "drinks in a bag").
And my Dad with the grandkids watching the motorcycles go by in Giant City this past Saturday.

From left to right:
Garrison and Maria making faces at Giant City.
Jubal holding the fish I caught on our first ever boat/fishing adventure.
I got three free $5 gift cards from Wal-Mart this week for buying printer ink.  Score!
Jubal playing with his food on Thursday which is now our new "make-your-own-pizza night".
A view of the inside of the Lodge at Giant City where we celebrated my dad's birthday and Father's Day on Saturday.
My fancy sandals I wore all week.
An impromptu birthday party for Jubal's stuffed dog "Tractor".
And Avery splashing in my sister-in-law's pool on Saturday night.

Jubal painted and drew this picture back in April in his Pre-K class and gave it to his daddy for Father's Day....love it!

Happy Wednesday!  Thanks for checking out my blog!

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