through the lens - Father's Day Weekend

I've kind of started something with this "through the lens" series on my blog.  I've been taking so many pictures lately and I love to share them so I'm thinking this will be a weekly thing.  Right now it's easier for me to share my creativity through my photos than with scrapbook supplies, so I'm going with the flow.  I'm aching to get into my craft room and scrap, but it's been way harder than I ever imagined since the kids got out of school for summer break.

We did a lot of celebrating this weekend.  My Dad's birthday was Friday and (of course) Father's Day was Sunday.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend...

 Hamming it up at dinner with Grandpa on Friday night.

 Not the best pic, but I love the kids' faces in this one!

 Grandpa and Maria :)

Hangin' at the Lodge in Giant City on Saturday.

 My hard workin' hubby :)

 Swimming on Saturday night.

 Love this pic!

One day I hope to have a family picture where everyone is looking at the camera :0)

 Can't go fishing without her pearls!

 Boys on a boat.


 I caught a fish for him for Father's Day :)

Blackberries we found growing in the field.  

We've really become weekend warriors lately...it's finally getting easier to do more things since the kids are getting older...finally!

I used my iphone for all of these photos and I posted most of them on Instagram.  You can follow me on there @adriennealvis.  

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a fabulous Father's Day!  TFL!

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