Week In The Life - Tuesday

Photos taken on Tuesday:  50 with DSLR and 15 with iPhone

I got a great comment on my post yesterday that made me stop stressing about the number of photos I thought I needed...thanks Michele H. :)

Today was another fairly normal day.  It was a full one though, with an out-of-town doctor's appointment and having to mow the lawn.

Here are my words for Tuesday...

and here are a few photos...


 Going to school.

Watching cartoons.

 Going to get dressed.

A little snap, snap.

My desk.

 Waiting at the doctor's office.

Mowing the lawn.

 The corn is coming up.

The arrowhead Garrison found by the woods.

 Popping bubble wrap.

 Having a blast.

All the bubbles are popped.

 Hanging out after supper and baths.

Ready for bed.

I really liked the content of the pictures I took today.  Now I keep thinking of all the pics I want to take throughout the week that I haven't captured yet!  I have to put reminders in my phone so I don't forget them.  

To find out more about Week In The Life go to www.aliedwards.com, you can even check out what everyone else is doing during their week, too!  It's really awesome to see how others interpret and execute this project...so much inspiration!  

Have a great day!  TFL!

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