Week In The Life - Saturday

Photos taken on Saturday:  60 with DSLR and 7 with iPhone

On Wednesday, I was a little worried that I was going to be sick of this project by the weekend, but I have to say, after looking back over all of the photos I've taken this week, I'm sooooooo glad I did this!  In fact, I'm now kicking myself in the butt for not taking more!

I've slowly started organizing the photos by day in the templates I downloaded from DesignerDigitals and I love how it's coming together.  I've learned a lot since Monday and I even learned how I would do some things a little differently next time around.

Here's some pics from Saturday...

 Getting ready to go with Daddy.

 They'll all be full by the end of the day :)

 Playing house.

That was supposed to be my chocolate milk!

 Picking out the perfect shade of nail polish.

 I cleaned my desk today.

Watching Peppa Pig and working on my WITL album pages.

 The boys are home :)

 He loves his daddy so much.

 Garrison helping Jubal get his bike out of the back of the truck.

 Doing chores.

She LOVES when her daddy gives her a ride!

Today's mail shot.

At the mud bog.

I got to spend the evening all by myself while Jubal took the kids to a local mud bog.  It was peaceful and quiet and just what I needed after this week.  One more day and I've completed my first Week In the Life!  I'm really glad that I did this and stuck with it...it would've been easy to quit, but I'm no quitter!  I hope everyone else is glad they participated, too.  This is going to be amazing when it's all put together.  

Happy Sunday!  TFL!  


  1. Hi there, have linked up through Ali's WITL. So glad you stuck with it too as these albums are wonderful to look back on. I've done 3 years and this is my 4th year. It's a great project, intense...but totally worth it in the end. Loved the photo of you doing your album watching peppa pig...haven't we all seen those shows even when the kids may or may not be in front of the tv. Hope you enjoyed the week. Regards Kathy, Brisbane, Australia

    1. Thanks, Kathy :) I can't wait to see how different life will be when I do this again next time...I enjoyed every minute!

  2. Wonderful pictures!! LOVE the shot of your daughter (and the stoled choc. milk). Well done!

    1. Thanks so much! That was my favorite shot, too!