April's Twelve

Here's my Daily Dozen from Elizabeth Kartchner's photo challenge...

I recently stumbled upon my latest app obsession, Labelbox, the other day.  That's how I got the adorable "washi tape" labels on my pictures.  The app is free, super easy to use, and very addicting :) This app is going to be a very useful tool for my Project Life photos as well!

Here's the rundown on the photos above...

1.  Jubal woke up and was wanting to take some pictures of his room with my phone so I let him and this was my favorite one.  He's not half bad!

2.  I changed my blog look a bit...still trying to keep it free and more "me".

3.  Avery's been eating pb&j a lot lately...I don't blame her, though :)

4.  Avery and I played dress-up with all her plastic jewelry after Jubal went to Pre-K in the afternoon.

5.  I got me some new SC goodies in the mail today...always a plus!

6.  Avery always goes nuts when the boys come home from school.  She can't wait to greet them at the door and then proceeds to drive them absolutely crazy the rest of the day!

7.  Garrison got in a bit of trouble the other day, so I told him he had to spend a few after-school hours in his room this week.  Because of this, he found a long lost activity book that's become his latest obsession.  He's been having a lot of fun with it and I like to join in and help him out when he's stumped...some of those puzzles are really hard!

8.  I also like to check his homework, that is, when he brings it home.

9.  Jubal received his yearbook today and spent over an hour looking at it and pointing out all the kids he knew.  He showed me his "girlfriend" and told me... "She won't let me date her."  I replied, "Smart girl."

10.  & 11.  The boys always enjoy a little TV time after supper and baths.  Tonight, they stayed upstairs and watched Spongebob...not my favorite show, but I enjoyed them being around me while I was cleaning up in the kitchen :)

12.  Avery was wound up all evening.  She made an obstacle course out of all the couch pillows and wouldn't let anyone sit down on it!  I hate it when the upstairs living room is destroyed, but I let her have her fun...oh, that girl...

If you joined in on this photo challenge, you can link it up here www.elizabethkartchner.com and share your 12 on 12 photos.  TFL and TGIF!


  1. Hi, great photos and I love the little labels - what a great app! Your layouts are really lovely :)

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Caroline! You made my day ;)