Week In The Life - Friday

Photos taken on Friday:  around 52

Friday was the most ordinary day of the whole week.  I didn't have any random appointments or errands to run.  We stayed at home all day, except when I had to take Jubal to school, and my hubby even made an appearance in the early evening (it rained so he couldn't farm last night).

Here's a few of my favorite photos from Friday...

 What's in my sink in the morning.

 Jubal's collection of stuff in his room.  It can NOT be moved!

 Avery leaves her stuff EVERYWHERE!

Jubal playing in his room while I get ready for the day.

 Taking Jubal to school and listening to CIL...the kids sing along to almost every song :0)

 Avery wanted McDonald's for lunch today. 

French fries are her favorite.

 Relaxing on the couch and being cute.

 Working in my craft room.

 Picking out a movie.

Jubal ordered spy glasses from a book order and got them today.

 Plugged in.

Daddy's home for dinner tonight!

I'm looking forward to a peaceful weekend and I hope to start putting some templates together for my WITL album.  I purchased Ali's WITL templates from DesignerDigitals so I know that will help speed up the process.  

TFL!  Have a great weekend! 

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