Week In The Life - Thursday

Photos taken on Thursday:  52 with DSLR and 13 with iPhone

I'm still hanging in there and snapping away!  I started feeling a little bored with this when I woke up yesterday, but I just "let it be" and got right back in the mode again ;)

I forgot to snap a view of my words for Thursday, but here are some of the photos...

 Gotta have my morning cup o' coffee.

Fruit cup for breakfast.


 Love those lips!

 I can't believe he let his hands get this messy!

Today's desk shot.

 Avery picked these for me :)

 "Walking the line" to his Kindergarten screening.

 A little online shopping...well, window shopping anyway.

 Jubal's new chest of drawers got delivered today.

Stuff that needs to be organized.

 Looking at "Puddler" magazine.

Studying for a science test tomorrow.

Waiting for the Schwan's man to bring our order.

Just another ordinary Thursday at our house...I'm ready for the weekend!  My hubby told me last night when he got home from the field that he only has 80 more acres of corn left to plant, so I'm hoping the weather stays nice and he can finish up this weekend.  I'm kinda sorta starting to miss him :)


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