Week In The Life - Monday

Photos taken on Monday:  44 with DSLR - 15 with iPhone

I really thought I'd have taken more photos, but I feel like I got the "gist" of the day with the few I had. I wasn't home for much of the day and neither were the kids so I figured that's probably why I had so few.  

Here's some of the pics from the day, morning to night...

I organized our shoe dept. and weeded out all the "winter" gear.

Avery LOVES picking out her own outfits...she has a very unique style ;)

My "everyday" makeup.

A wedding favor project I'm doing for a friend.

Jubal always plays on the computer after he gets dressed.  He's 
really into legouniverse.com right now.

Avery getting her fix.

Driving Jubal to Pre-K.

Today's view of my desk

Garrison organizing the papers he brought home from school.

My little snackie-snack, yum!

Today's mail.

The boys' new Lego sets all over the floor.

It was a very ordinary day around our house, other than the fact I was gone all afternoon with Jubal's Pre-K class.  I forgot to take a picture of my Daily Sheets for Monday so I'll include those in tomorrow's post :)

This project is a first for me and I don't know how I feel about it yet...
I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself for not including enough.  But that's tough.

Happy Tuesday!  TFL!!!

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  1. I think you captured your day wonderfully. I take about 30-45 photos and that includes doubles. I figure if I get 12-15 photos for the day that capture the essence of our lives…i'm all good.

    Take it day by day. You'll love it in the end.

    Plus…if you plan on putting your photos together in an album you can always use extra photos for the days that you feel are lacking. I did that in my WITL last year and it all worked out:)