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Crazy things have been happening to me lately....good and bad...so today's post is just a mish mash of things I haven't had time to think about until now :)

My first yarn letter..."A" for Avery.  I got the idea on Pinterest :)  
This project took a lot longer than I expected, but I like how it turned out.
I'm working on a "J" for Jubal right now, but it's giving me fits...the "G" will probably be tricky, too!

Avery finally got to meet her new cousin, Maria.  It was love at first sight ;)

Avery at Crate and Barrel (a first for us both!).  She made herself right at home on a blue
velvet chaise lounge chair...I can already tell she has expensive taste!

And this is another new addition to our family!  
My younger brother got this adorable red healer pup for my Dad yesterday.  Her name is Heidi :)
The kids are thrilled!  And I'm thrilled we have two new lovely ladies that I can spoil and then send back home!  Ha!

Happy Wednesday!

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