a cow in the window

Jubal got his new big boy bed today!

The delivery team dropped it off bright and early at 8 o'clock this morning!  The painter is coming Tuesday to paint his room so I need some advice on color choice...(all colors are Benjamin Moore)

This is my color scheme/palette that I'm going with (obviously the orange is covered by way of his sheets :)  So my question is, do I paint three walls in "golden waffle" and one wall in "splish splash", or do I paint them all in "splish splash"?  I was initially thinking 3 and 1, but now seeing the bed set up I'm wondering if just blue would be best...to really make the orange pop...I don't know.

I have until Tuesday to figure it out, so any thoughts or comments you have would be greatly appreciated!

Have a great day, did you spot the cow?


  1. I like the splish splash blue in the whole room -

  2. I say splish splash all the way.... I think the other will be too light.