jubal's leaf

It's been another crazy week around here...will I ever get a break?  My washer broke, vacuum died, and I've been trying to clean out closets this week to prepare for colder weather, only to have smaller messes pop up everywhere!  Yikes!  Did I mention I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping yet?

I know it will all work out, in it's own way, I just have to be patient :)  I just want to get in my craft room for a few hours, is that too much to ask?  Ok, enough of my rants, I had to share this pic with you...

My youngest son, Jubal, found this huge leaf while we were waiting for my oldest son's class to parade down the sidewalk in their Halloween costumes.  He was so proud!

Have a great day, hopefully I'll have some cards to show you tomorrow!


  1. That is the biggest leaf I have ever seen!!! I love your blog, it is so fun to read about your family and know that I'm not the only one with moments of CRAZINESS!!!

  2. That leaf would make a great placemat - and where there is one in the country...there are more!