a little progress

For me last week was like getting in your car, driving all the way to the store, spending an hour filling up an empty shopping cart with two whiny kids, and then realizing you forgot your wallet when you reached the checkout lane...um, yeah...it wasn't good.

Yesterday, however, I FINALLY received my brand new Kenmore Elite washer and dryer (insert squeal and happy dance here ;)  I've been waiting a month for this people!

Not black...blackberry

They stood there watching that thing for over 30 minutes!  
(You can really see the purple-y color in this pic.)

Last night and this morning the hubs and I started attacking the basement.  I've had shelves, tables, chairs, and playroom decor in boxes for months now.  I was waiting for the new paint and staircase to be completed first but, for reasons I couldn't control, we had to put the paint and steps on hold...at least for now.  So I decided to just do what I was going to do anyway, new paint or not!  

 The kids jumped right in on the new table with attached paper roll while Jubal and I assembled the shelves.  BTW...the table, chairs, and shelf came from LandofNod.com.  The quality and prices are amazing!  

This is what Garrison ("Mr. I hate art class") drew and stamped.  I teared up a little on this one :)

I will post more pics of the playroom on Monday because I still have some arranging to do.  I'm also three days behind on my December Daily album, so I'm hoping to do some catching up on that, too!  For more info on the December Daily album, check out this blog www.aliedwards.com, it's super cool!

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