diy simple garland

I made this fun garland to hang in the new and improved playroom :)  It was super simple! 

I went to JoAnn Fabrics last week and found the felt snowflakes and stockings in the dollar bin by the checkout lane.  I found the white fluffy trim in the holiday decoration aisle.  All I had to do was punch holes in the top of the felt snowflakes so I could tie baker's twine through them to hang on the white trim (I think it looks like icicles!).  Then I hot glued pieces of the white trim onto the stockings because they definitely needed a little sumpin' sumpin'.  I also bought some colorful candy canes to put into the stockings, but re-thought that idea as it would probably cause more harm than good with the three candy mongrels that I live with :)

Looks like I'm getting into the holiday spirit!

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