a new place to play

Jubal and I worked all weekend long on the basement.  We got a TON accomplished...he also fixed my broken dresser, wobbly toilet, and broken closet doors!  I honestly didn't think he would be so driven to get this stuff done, but for some reason he was (the fit I threw on Friday might have had something to do with it ;)

I still have a few more decorative touches to add and few other items to place (they'll receive those for Christmas so some things will have to be rearranged), but here's how the playroom turned out...

Now they have a lot more room than they did before and I can add more storage pieces as needed.

Here's a pic of the family room area...
I still haven't found the "perfect" couch yet, but I broke out the crazy, decorative pillows anyway :)

 These pillows came from Pier 1 and the green throw came from West Elm, as well as the pillows in the picture below.  I'm still patiently waiting on my new area rug (it won't be in until January).

The family room area is not quite what I've had in mind these last few months, but it'll do for now.

All in all, I really like the area flip-flopping we did down here and the rest will fall into place as it's supposed to eventually.  I'm thankful for all the help my husband gave me, I know this kind of stuff is not his cup o' tea, but he was a real trooper this weekend :)

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday!

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