Project Life - Week 20

Happy Monday!

Week 20 is in the books and I am now scrapping from my kitchen table and counter :0)

Week 20 was filled with end-of-school parties, field days, and activities...times 3!  And painting...lots and lots of painting...

I spent most of every waking moment moving furniture, cleaning, organizing, and re-organizing our entire basement because the painters came this week.  It was quite a circus and I was pretty much on my own because my hubby finally got a chance to get some farming done.

Left Side: 

As of Friday, all of my kiddos were officially out of school for summer break!  Here we go!!!

That "Big Mess" in the upper left hand corner is what I have left to clean and put away in my basement.  Plus, I have to move my craft room upstairs because my oldest son is moving into it, crazy isn't even the word for it!  It'll all be worth it though...I hope!

The shed progress is still coming about slowly.  We did get concrete poured inside, but we still have the outside porch and garage door area to complete.  

Right Side:

And here's my full Project Life spread for Week 20...

I used lots of goodies from SC's Planetarium PL kit for this spread and a few random items from my stash.

Have a great day and TFL!


  1. Awesome spread! Love the embelished card with the camera stamp, so clever and fun!!! My kids still have about a month of school left. Hope you have a quieter week ahead.

  2. I love it! Glad to see the mixing up of the SC cards, I need to do that more and not try to keep them all in the same month! Love your work. :)