Project Life - Week 4

Happy Tuesday!  

It's been super drab and rainy around here lately, but today I finally got a chance to photograph my PL spread for last week...I can't believe Week 4 is over already! 

On the left side of my spread I used a lot of smaller photos for a change.  I didn't have a bunch of great photos because two out of my three kids were sick all week and then I got (another) sinus infection so I wasn't on top of it like I should've been, lol.  

On the left side I chose to print some of my pics in black and white to shake things up a bit and I really like how it turned out with the overall look of the spread.  

And here's the full spread for Week 4...

I used my Project Life Seafoam Core Kit (the digital version) from AC Digitals and bits and pieces of recent SC kits for this week's spread.

I added a few badge buttons and placed them strategically so they won't take up too much extra space in my completed album.  I hope I can squeeze the whole year into just two albums, but we shall see :)

Despite the kiddos being sick, we had a lot of things going on last week...I'm anxious to document the prep work and construction of our new shed we are building through my Project Life album.  It will be really cool to see how it all comes along over the next several months through my photos and journaling.

Well, Week 4 is in the books!  I'm loving this PL thing so much right now...I know I will be so glad that I decided to tackle this!

Have a great day!  TFL!


  1. Looks fab! Good to keep up to date!

  2. I love it!
    Love how you were able to keep the turquoise and yellow throughout the double page ;-)

  3. How did you print out that awesomely cute/amazing weather card? I've really been wanting 2 incorporate the weekly forecast or s/t weeather related n2 my PL spreads! Luv your style~I believe I'm stalking u via Pinterest, but will now follow you bloggily~lol! Soooo inspiring, luv checking out your work:) Thanx ahead of time! Email: prhmangel@gmail.com