Project Life Week 23

Oooh, it's finally Friday...whoot, whoot!  This has been a huge week for me.  My oldest son started fifth grade, my middle son started Kindergarten, and my youngest girl will be going to Pre-K on Monday.  All of our schedules are mixed up and different and we're trying to establish some sort of routine.  

Tonight, I get to whisk away all by myself to stay with my sister and her family because tomorrow we're doing The Color Run in STL!  I'm not a runner (apparently you don't have to be to run this 5k) but I'm super excited to be a part of all the wonder, color, and just to hang out with my lil' sis :)  If you get a chance, you've got to check out The Color Run video on YouTube...super cool!

Also, I have some very BIG news that I can't quite share with you just yet...but I will very, very soon...so.excited.about.this!

Ok,  here's my PL spread for the week of August 6th - 12th...

Keeping it real simple still seems to be working for me.  I like using bigger photos and I tried to add a bit more journaling this week.  Yes, I do realize I stamped the "xoxo" backwards, lol!

I didn't take very many photos throughout the week so I filled up one side of my Project Life spread with the photos I've been taking for Photo-A-Day August.

The one thing I forgot to mention in my "10 Things" was that we watched a lot of the Olympics.  I really enjoyed having something decent to watch on television in the evenings with the hubby and the kiddos.  I didn't have to worry about language, content, or violence, which was nice!

My favorite product from this spread has to be the "birds on a wire" washi tape from Freckled Fawn.

Wish me luck tomorrow!  I just wanna make it across that finish line...can't wait to share photos!  Have a great weekend and TFL!


  1. You will do fabulous tomorrow. Have a great time!

  2. Thanks, Jamie! I appreciate your support :) xo

  3. Just popping in to say "hi". We're in the Trend Spotting class together. So many firsts! Must be exciting and scary at the same time.

    1. So glad you popped on over! Thanks for checking out my blog, Jennifer! xo