Through the Lens - My 1st Photo Shoot

Happy Thursday, everyone!  My kiddos went back to school yesterday after a long break and I've been trying to "catch up" on chores, calendar planning, and laundry (of course!).  We actually got through the break pretty smoothly and did lots of fun things together :)  This, to me, is a sign that they're growing up and can get along with each other longer than five minutes!  We've come a long way around here, let me tell ya!

I've been super inspired by our beautiful fall weather, the changing colors, and the 1000 Words: Capture More photography class I'm taking right now over at Studio Calico so I decided I would do a little "photo shoot" with my kids...first one ever with me behind the camera...

Now let me tell you that I am NOT (obviously!) by any way a professional photographer.  I just purchased my first DSLR back in April and I knew when I bought it that I wanted to really learn how to use it to it's full extent (no auto-mode for this girl) and I wanted to capture great photos of my kids.  I have NEVER, ever, taken a photography class before this one and I know I have A LOT to learn!  With that being said, please be gentle...I'm really proud of myself and I believe these photos really captured my three children wonderfully...even if all the technical stuff is a little insufficient!  The shoot itself is it's own little story that will be documented.  I will never forget the great day we had when "mommy made us walk all over the field in our good clothes and smile till our faces hurt"!

I took 146 photos in two hours using my Canon Rebel T3i with the lens it came with, an 18-55mm.  Using my little ol' iPhoto program on my computer, I edited them down to around 60 keepers.  I have PSE but I'm not very savvy in it yet, so I opted out of three miserable weeks of editing and just did it in two days :)

We started our photo adventure around 2:00 p.m., not the optimum time for lighting purposes, but I knew if I waited any longer they would have been worn out and not as cooperative in the evening.
So here we go on our little photo journey...

This is probably my most favorite shot of the day...I love the way they're positioned and it's what I had envisioned in my mind :)

My oldest son came up with the idea for this shot...he was so proud when it made the final cut!

I love this shot because it really captures the way my oldest son and my daughter interact.  It was totally a candid shot and somehow I got an awesome light leak at the bottom right!

A portrait shot of my oldest son, Garrison.

My daughter, Avery.

My youngest son, Jubal.

I love this shot even though it's not quite in focus...the tug o'war thing was another idea I had envisioned in my mind that I actually got to achieve.  It kind of symbolizes a lot of interaction between them :)

They thought this was so fun and didn't want to stop!  Bonus:  No one got hurt!  

After the tug o' war, I gave them some rope licorice to snack on and it turned out to be the perfect opportunity for some candid shots.

This is so.totally.them.

I like this shot because Jubal (the middle child) is in focus, but the other two aren't.  This was kind of his time to shine :)

I love this shot because of all the colors that came through...the blue sky, the green and yellow leaves, and the brown and red lighting at the bottom.

 This shot happened on accident, but I love it!

I edited these photos so that the colors would be bold.  I know the trend tends to be softer, more subdued hues, but I really wanted a bolder, brighter look.  Call me crazy!

I love this shot because of their positioning and the light leaks...I'll probably end up cropping this down a bit, either from the left or right.

Well, there you have it!  I learned a LOT from doing this.  It was a total body workout and I don't know how real photographers do this on a daily basis!  Wow, is all I can say about that!  The kids and I had a blast and I felt I really captured what I wanted to, although there were things I would've changed or tweaked a bit.  Next item on the list....scrapping them!  Can't.Wait.

Have a great day and thanks for looking!


  1. wow! what is there to be gentle about?...these are gorgeous. your kids are gorgeous. glad you get to take this class. i had to pass for now for $$ reasons...but i love seeing what you are being inspired to do this.
    and can i comment on your kiddos names?
    so...as you already know, your daughter has my oldest daugher's name, which is my maiden name.
    your oldest has one of my cousins name. and he holds a very heartfelt place in all of our hearts. (and his name was Garrison Avery).
    and then Jubal, while I know the origin of the name, i have never heard it used. he must bring a lot of joy to your life as Jubal was originally noted as the first maker of music.
    thanks for letting me go on.
    but mostly thanks for putting yourself out there and sharing your experience through the lens.~j

    1. Thanks, Jamie...you are so sweet! I hear ya about the $$$, I had several discount codes that needed used up and with my member discount it saved me over half the price, so I figured why not? Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to either :) I knew your daughter's name was Avery, but I didn't know it had been your maiden name...and it's way too cool that your cousin's name is the same as my son's. I've only met one other person who had a son with that name! My husband's name is also Jubal so I'm lucky enough to have two! Lol! I've never heard it used before either, but there is an old western movie named "Jubal" and I think a character in the show "Firefly" was named that, too. I've never watched either, but that's what people tell me :) I feel that we probably have a lot more in common than just names...maybe kindred spirits of some sort :) Have a great day and thanks for all your blog lovin' and support!

  2. Your pics are really qutie great! Love them. (P.S. M&M's are my go to reward for photo shoots)

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I'll have to try those next time :) xo

  3. Your kids are absolutely precious, Adrienne. What beautiful gifts from God! Enjoy each and every moment of their childhood, as we know it passed all too quickly. The pic where they are holding hands and walking away makes me think of the Bible verse, 3 John v.4 "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." Just darling, and thank you for sharing! It warms my heart to see such sweet children who look SO happy and SO loved.

    Have a blessed day!

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words, Karen! I really appreciate your sweet sentiments :) xo

  4. Wow... those are fabulous. :) I especially love the pic of them from the back, the tug-of-war shots and the licorice. They are all wonderful though. Totally inspiring.

    It is funny that you mentioned the trend of lighter photos. I had never thought about it, but I definitely don't do it. I make my pics as bold as I can. Probably too saturated sometimes. But that is the fun of photography and the whole world of digital options that are available. If I ever go with the trend, I can go back and change them. LOL.

    You should be proud of yourself and all that you accomplished. :)

    1. Thanks, Kimberlee! I appreciate your support and sweet comments! xo