So Long Summer

Here's a layout I made for this week's Pop Off The Page challenge...

I was really inspired by the large yellow paper clip and used that as my jumping off point.  I just added layer upon layer until I was satisfied.  I also like to incorporate embellishments into my layering such as the pink airmail and yellow ticket stub washi tape, sequins, stitching, buttons, flairs...you name it, it's probably on there!

I chose the colors for this layout based on this photo of my daughter I snapped at our state fair last week.  I used my Snapster iPhone app to get the light effect in the photo.

The fair always runs through Labor Day, so it pretty much signals the end of summer (even though the hot weather usually hangs around until November!).

I had a lot of fun creating this layout and I used my August SC kit, the Pop Off The Page Class Kit,  plus a few random items from my craft table :)

Have a great day!  TFL!


  1. Oh.My.Gosh...this is the most fabulous!!!! So inspiring. Really. You should do a tutorial of thisStinkin' amazing.

    1. Thanks, Jamie :) Hopefully a tutorial will be in the works soon! xo