weekend away

Hello happy blog friends!

I actually got to get away this weekend (all by myself!) to see a close friend who lives a few hours away.  I really needed some "alone" time and luckily my husband was up for the challenge of keeping all the kids by himself.  Bless him :)

I woke up this morning at my friend's house to a wonderful, yummy surprise...homemade cinnamon rolls!

They were super duper delicious and such a special treat...I feel like I'm on vacation!  I really needed a quick getaway after all of the craziness of last week so I'm enjoying myself and will be headed back home tomorrow.  I gotta gear up for another wild week and my sister's baby shower next weekend so stay tuned because I will have lots of cute, crafty things to show you!

Hope you all have a great weekend, Fall is here!

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