back in the swing

Well it's Monday, I'm back home from my tiny trip to visit my best friend, and I've got a loooooong To-Do List...make that a Must-Do-This-Week List!  My sister's baby shower is coming up this weekend and my mother and I are hosting, decorating, and cooking for it.  I'm super excited because I literally started planning for this shower the day she told us she was pregnant!  Not that the shower is a surprise, but everything we're creating for it is still under hat so I don't want to give anything away just yet...but I do have a little sneaky peek for you because I can hardly stand it :)

And here's a few pics from my weekend trip...

  That's my friend, Kelly

 Can anyone guess where this is?

And me, of course!

I had a great weekend up north with my friend and her family.  It was great to catch up and get away for a bit.  I'm glad to be home and feel geared up to tackle anything that comes my way this week while I'm getting ready for the shower festivities :) 

Happy Monday!

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