day in the life

I did this fun challenge on Wednesday from Ali Edwards called Day In The Life.  In a nutshell, it's where you document an entire 24 hour period of your life through notes and photos.  I knew when I began that I wanted to document a completely normal, ordinary day and that I wanted to keep it simple.  I didn't have any trouble taking tons of photos (thanks to my iPhone), I just felt that my storytelling could use a little help, but then again, I tried to keep it simple (sometimes that's REALLY hard for me :)

I downloaded these free printables from www.aliedwards.com to help me simplify the note-taking process (they're originally from her Week In The Life series that's coming up in April)...

I also went waaaaaay outta my comfort zone and did a full 8.5x11 photo template to house my pictures in (which is also from Ali Edwards but purchased through www.designerdigitals.com...

Through this challenge, I felt that I did a really good job portraying the "realness" of my day/my life and that's what it's all about.  I will definitely be taking part in Ali's "Week In The Life" in the spring, but I will have to do some major prep work beforehand to keep the process as simple as possible.  I haven't decided what kind of album I'm going to put these in yet, but the hard part's done so I'm sure something will surface when I'm least expecting it!

Today my baby boy is five, so I'm off to celebrate!  Have a great weekend!!!

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