Project Life - Week 1

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend :)  I spent most of mine in my craft room, which is always a good thing!  

Today I have my first Project Life spread for January 2013 to share with you...

I gave a go at this Project Life thing last year, but I didn't start in January (it was March) and I didn't get past August.  It was sort of a trial run for me and I learned a lot about the way I want to approach this amazing project this year.  

First off, I know I will mainly be using photos from my iPhone and my Instagram feed (username @adriennealvis).  Second, I want to keep it fairly simple and quick (I'm not going to be reinventing the PL wheel here, people!).  Third, I'm using Marcy Penner's Project Life planning pages (they're free!) so if I get behind (and I know I will) I can still be organized and remember all the details of the week.  I also know that I like a more "graphic" style and the photos are my main focus.  And last, but not least, I want to use products and items from my current stash (and maybe use up some of my old stash, too :)

For this week's spread I used the digital Project Life Seafoam Kit, printables from the Studio Calico Day by Day class, and items from my stash (basically whatever's lying closest to me on my desk).

I used a leftover "Happy New Year" headband the kids played with on New Year's Eve for the bottom left slot.

I journaled a paragraph about the overall week on this page and added a little more detail to the bottom right photograph.  The business card above that photo (gingiber) is from an indie print I ordered for my son's bedrooom.  I usually don't have a ton of memorabilia to include, but I really liked the business card's style.

And here's my spread for Week 1 of 2013!  

I'm really going to try hard to stick with this...it's actually my No. 1 resolution...wish me luck!

Have a good one and TFL!


  1. I love it so much! You are truly inspiring! I have been contemplating on how I can make my Project even more cute than the Core Kit already is and what embellishments I can use (without being too pricey). You just demonstrated that anything can be used! It's great!

    1. Thank you, April! I'm so glad you're going to try this PL thing out!!! xo

    2. I just ordered the Amber Kit. ahhhhhh!!!! I'm so excited to get it and your gift. Thanks again! :D

    3. Awesome! Can't wait to see what you make with it all! xo

  2. love this, and can't wait to see more!