I Got Tagged!!!

Happy Monday, friends!

I'm participating in the "I Got Tagged!" blog hop today.  I was tagged by the amazingly talented Patricia Roebuck for this hop and I was so excited to be picked by such a fabulous artist!  Patricia's work is full of beautiful color, artsy techniques, and her creative happiness shows in each and every one of her layouts.  Please be sure to stop by her blog and check out all of her creative goodness!

Ok, now I'll tell you a little about me...

1. What Am I working on right now?

I am working on a PL spread for the Crate Paper blog that will go up at the end of this month.  I'm working with their new Notes & Things line and it is one of my favorite collections from Crate so far.

2.  How long does it take me to create a project?

It totally depends on the type of project...sometimes I can create a layout or PL spread in a couple of hours (or less), but sometimes I can get distracted or stuck and a simple project can take me much longer.  I find that when I get in a slump during the process it's best for me to just walk away for an afternoon or a couple of days and then come back to it with a fresh point of view and perspective.  I, like Patricia, do most of my work for design teams so the editing and blogging process takes the longest.  I always say the "creating" part is the easiest ;)

3.  What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?

Right now I'm using a lot of spray ink and stamping techniques on my creations.  I don't use a lot of mixed media as a whole, but when I'm feeling adventurous and I have some extra time I break out the modeling paste and watercolors.

4.  How does my writing/creating process work?

Like Patricia, I start with an assignment from a design team and then lay out all of the specific products and supplies that I need to complete the assignment on my craft table.  Then I just go from there.  When I don't have a specific assignment, I usually start with a photo or a specific product that I'm inspired by.

5.  How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

I get inspired by other scrapbookers and by scrolling through galleries and Instagram feeds.  I stay inspired by looking for patterns, color combinations, and techniques on Pinterest and in home decor magazines.  I'm also always inspired by the photos that I use on my layouts and by the amazing products that I get the honor to create with from my design teams.

6.  What is my signature style?

I feel that my signature style changes.  It changes with the different products that I use and it changes with how I feel about a particular assignment or photo that I use.  I like to try new techniques, but I do tend to stick with using lots of layers and colors on many of my creations.  Right now I'm trying to keep it a bit more simple and minimal, but sometimes that's really hard for me to stick to.

Now I get to tag three of my favorite scrapbookers!  I have way more than three and it was so hard to narrow down, but I did my best :)  All three of these ladies inspire me (and so many others) in many ways and I am so grateful that they accepted my "tag" and will be playing along.

Stephanie Buice - Stephanie and I are on the Crate Paper team together.  When I first saw her work I was blown away!  I love, love, love her style and her creations are always on trend.

Soraya Maes - Soraya and I are on the Freckled Fawn team together and I have followed her on IG for ages.  I'm constantly inspired by her use of mixed media and product.  She uses product in ways I never would've thought to use them and is crazy talented.

Loredana Bucaria - Lory and I were both on the Chic Tags team together once and I have always admired her beautiful creations.  She is also one of the sweetest girls I have ever encountered and it really shows through her amazing work.

These three scrapbooking superstars will continue the tagging on September 1st, so be sure and click on their blog links above and show them some love.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh I love it. Loved reading every bit and getting inside that creative brain!